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KrappyKables "Silver Signal" XLR Kables

KrappyKables "Silver Signal" XLR Kables

For those that like to have a little Yin in their Yang.


Continuous high-purity oxygen-deprived copper foil shield, and two 99.999% Pure Silver signal wire silver soldered directly to Neutrik Rean XLRs for enhanced transient performance and slightly lower total cable impedance, head-scratchingly low capacitance and inductance figures and improved interference rejection. Polyimide, PTFE and PET insulation. Patent Pending.


Length:  little bit more than an arms length. (4 feet-ish)


Whats included: 2 Krappy XLR Kables, enough to wire one stereo component to another.. or TWO mono components, if you're into to that. some kind of box to ship them in.

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